#GivingTuesday Part 4

And now for our final installment, we have Corey Thornton sharing why he gives to Bread for the World.

Though intended to shift the narrative of spending more and more money on the holidays (or just for its own sake), #GivingTuesday could not land at a better time from a Christian perspective. Despite the decorations going up, we are not in the Christmas season, but at the beginning of Advent. We are enacting a kind of play, as we prepare for Christmas. But we are also waiting for something real: for our salvation, just as the downtrodden of Palestine circa year 0 were waiting for their’s. If we are to make ourselves and our world ready for the Prince of Peace, it starts with each of us, giving a little more than we thought we could, not out of duty, but out of love.

So this Advent, take #GivingTuesday even further: share your bread, your time, your money, your stories, yourselves, with each other, all month long.

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