In an effort to counteract some of the wilder excesses of the last few days, dominated as they are by Black Friday and Cyber Monday and even Small Business Saturday, we are joining nonprofit organizations everywhere in encouraging participation in Giving Tuesday.  As Christians, we feel that it is especially important to reclaim some of the true spirit of Christmas back from pure consumerism.  It is, in my opinion, a good thing to give gifts to friends and family–to spread joy and cheer and generosity to those around you.  But for us, that giving springs from an even deeper source: a source that whispers that our circle of friends and family is larger than we have dreamed.  In fact, it includes the whole human race.

It is in that spirit today that we are sharing some of the ways that Ravensworth members give to their extended communities.  We are sharing not necessarily to convince you to give money or time to one of these four causes, or to suggest that these are the most important or only causes we care about as a church.  Rather we are sharing these videos just to… share: to join in with all human beings of goodwill and this greater animating spirit of generosity.  And to invite you to find your own way of joining in too.  

Without further ado, here’s G.J. Tarazi speaking about the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace and why justice in the Holy Land matters to him and to our church.  Stay tuned for more videos and happy #GivingTuesday!

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