This article, from Metro.co.uk, reports on a 10 year old boy seeking asylum, along with his mother, in the United States.  He is fleeing the violent gangs in El Salvador, who target children in particular, and have made El Salvador the murder capital of the world.  The danger is such that (as I linked to in an earlier post a few weeks ago) parents would rather send their children, unaccompanied, with Coyotes, than keep them at home and risk the gangs.  

The article focuses on how this boy was attacked by gangs who also flung homophobic slurs and epithets.  The mother did not disclose this initially, perhaps for cultural reasons, perhaps because she didn’t think it was relevant, or maybe she just didn’t happen to say it.  The article seems to suggest that if the mother had revealed that the boy was being targeted in this way, he may not be facing deportation.  

But honestly, this seems like the least important part of the story.  The story is clearly that there are many children facing the threat of MURDER in El Salvador, and we refuse to give them the safety they so desperately need.  It is obviously horrible if this boy is being targeted because of his (perceived) sexual identity, but really, it’s pretty horrible that any children are being offered the choice of joining a gang, fleeing their homes and homeland, or being killed.  

The politics of immigration are complicated.  This isn’t.  If your neighbors kids were in danger, you would let them in your house and keep them safe.

Read the article on Metro.co.uk here

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