Black Lives Matter

What is it about church signs that cause so much trouble?  As reported in Baptist News Global, the First Baptist Church of Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts recently held a ceremony to install a sign proclaiming that “Black Lives Matter” on church grounds.  This is their second sign… the first was torn down and stuffed into a trash can, then when it was put back up, it was stolen.  

‘While we know that there are many who misunderstand the purpose of the banner, we believe it is urgent that we speak up when people’s lives are at stake,’ the [Church] newsletter article said. ‘We hope that the sign will encourage real dialogue and change in our community. As people of faith the only way we can follow Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves is to work for a world of justice and equality.’

Good for them.  God willing, they’ll keep putting it back up, as long there are those who would tear it down.

Read the whole article on Baptist News Global

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