Money Can’t Buy Happiness

I think Ravensworth is a pretty special place, full of incredibly giving people.  But we are also in one of the most affluent regions of the most affluent country in the world (which isn’t to say there aren’t huge cracks to fall through).  All I’m saying is that it’s hard, and I’m speaking from personal experience, not to let all that wealth and the culture that surrounds it affect the way you look at the world.  

But we also know that that is a trap, as this story of a couple that donates 40% of their income to charity illustrates.  There is a base level of happiness that money CAN buy, or rather, that having your needs met with just a little to spare can give you.  Beyond that?  Money doesn’t help much.  But giving it away does.  And it has the added bonus of making the world more like God’s Kingdom.

Read the article on Quartz here.

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