“Please do not forget.”

This article from Baptist News Global reports on a drive by Texas Baptist Men and Buckner International to deliver much needed supplies to the Yazidis taking refuge from ISIS on Mount Sinjar.  The Yazidis are a religious minority in Iraq that share a number of similarities with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  They have been intensely persecuted by the so-called Islamic State.  

I am happy, of course, to hear that some Christian groups have made their desperate plight a priority and are distributing aid, but I am most haunted by the story of an old man who approached the aid worker who delivered the first shipment of supplies.  “Please do not forget,” he told her.  

God has not forgotten them, and neither should we.

I couldn’t find a direct link to find out how to donate supplies or financial support to the Yazidi refugee relief for the above organizations, but I do know that the International Rescue Committee, which has a very good reputation around the world, has information on their efforts in these communities here: http://www.rescue.org/iraq

Read the whole article on Baptist News Global here.

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