“Nothing We Can Do” (And Other Lies)

Jim Wallis has written another powerful editorial on Sojourners–this time in the wake of the college massacre in Oregon [And how telling is it that I can simply say “college massacre” and there is no shock, no confusion about what those two words put together mean?  It is disgraceful that that is simply a phrase in every American’s lexicon.]  Wallis takes on the complexity of guns as a political issue, especially the sense of helpless apathy that has taken root in our societal consciousness: a condition brought on by the power of the gun lobby and the stranglehold it seems to have on national politics.  Anyway, the editorial is full of shocking statistics (for example: more Americans have died in gun deaths since 1970 than in all our wars dating back to the Revolution), and horror at our own numbness.  But it is also full of hope, a Jim Wallis trademark.  After all, he points out, it is the hopeless cause that is the cause of Christianity, because what are any of us but hopeless cases?

Read the article on Sojo.net here.

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