Laudato Si

In honor of the Pope’s visit, here’s a link to a short talk from frequent (unofficial) contributor Fr. Richard Rohr explaining the Pope’s recent encyclical, Ladauto Si.  The talk helps to explain the Pope’s positions and gives some context to all the media attention that the encyclical has had.  It’s a fascinating talk for anyone interested in the intersection of religion and public life…which is to say living out religious principles practically.  For the non-Catholic, which I’m guessing is most of us, there are some Catholic specific references which might be confusing, but the bulk of the talk is accessible to anyone.  

I’ve mentioned it before, but just as a reminder, Fr. Rohr is a Franciscan priest who takes an ecumenical (and often interfaith) approach to Christian life, advocating a Christian mystic tradition focusing on action and contemplation.  

Listen to the talk on CAC.org.

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