The Pope vs. America

As The District and its environs prepares for Popemaggedon (the visit of Pope Francis and the ensuing hurricane of traffic that will proceed and follow him) I thought this historical summary of the relationships of Popes to America (from Patheos.com) provided some good context for the visit.  As the most prominent Christian leader in the world, Pope Francis bears listening to at the least, even if you are a heathen Baptist like me :).  But all joking aside, there is much to admire in Francis, and the real reason he commands such interest from Catholics, Protestants, and non-Christians alike is simply because he seems to actually live the message that he believes in and preaches: Christ’s message of peace, justice, and Love.  Anyone who does that, whether they are the Pope or not, is worth our attention.

Read the article on Patheos.com.

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