Jimmy Carter

As you have probably heard, former President Jimmy Carter (who is 90 years old) was recently diagnosed with cancer.  As a Progressive Christian in the Baptist tradition, President Carter has long been an inspiration for me–not just for his courage in taking unpopular stances, but for his seeming unending well of energy and humor with which he has fought for justice.  Just a few months ago, he announced that he would be spending the remainder of his life combating the grave injustices against women throughout the world.  With this diagnosis, he has announced that he’ll be taking a step back from active advocacy but he remains an inspiration to all of us.  If anyone deserves a rest, it’s Jimmy Carter.  So, it’s time for the rest of us to step up.

You can start by reading this description of his new focus on women, by praying for all those taking on his leadership roles at The Carter Center, and of course, for President Carter and his family as they struggle with this illness.

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