Religious and Political

Baptist News Global has a good overview of the current re-energizing of both religious conservatives as well as religious progressives, by Jeff Brumley.  The religious right is overtly marshaling its political muscle in response to recent changes in the wider culture (i.e. same-sex marriage), and a perception of a loss of special status.  Meanwhile, more progressive Christians are joining or helping to foster grassroots political movements in response to police brutality and a growing awareness (growing, that is, for the culture at large–black and other minority activists have long “been aware”) of continuing racial oppression, both explicit and institutional.  2016 does seem like it will involve more religiously motivated political activism than recent years, though this is nothing new and seems to come in waves.  

Most heartening to me personally is not so much the activism, but the moments when Right and Left can set their differences aside and work together to at least do what they can agree on, as highlighted toward the end of the article.  

Read the full article on Baptist News Global

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