The Late, Great Stephen Colbert

Normally, I would not use this space to talk about a late night talk show host and comedian…but Stephen Colbert is no ordinary comedian.  In this interview with Joel Lovell for GQ, Stephen Colbert gets pretty deep into his (faith-informed) outlook.  A lot of the interview is about comedy, but it’s surprisingly spiritual (or not that surprisingly, if you’ve been a proud citizen of the Colbert Nation for a while).  He has a view on life that we should all attempt: he’s deeply, deeply grateful.  Here’s a taste:

It is what he has always felt: grateful to be alive. “And so that act, that impulse to be grateful, wants an object. That object I call God. Now, that could be many things. I was raised in a Catholic tradition. I’ll start there. That’s my context for my existence, is that I am here to know God, love God, serve God, that we might be happy with each other in this world and with Him in the next—the catechism. That makes a lot of sense to me. I got that from my mom. And my dad. And my siblings.”

How amazing is that description of God?  The object of our gratitude.  Between that and our shared uber-nerd level Tolkien-obsession…let’s just say that I’m really glad we’re not losing his voice anytime soon.

– Ben

Read the full interview on GQ

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