With so much that we need to care about and that demands our attention here in the US, it sometimes feels that there is only so much we can focus on, on so much pain our hearts can bear, and only so much time, energy, and money we can spend on solving problems.  But there is more, and this is something we need to care about, no matter how thin we might be stretched by racism and shootings and LGBTQ exclusion.  As this article from the New York Times Magazine illuminates in horrific detail, Christians and other religious minorities are being wiped out from the Middle East.

Though the US is providing air support to help fight against ISIS (and as the article states, that is no small thing) we are not providing the money that neighboring countries need to help with the cataclysmic refugee crisis.  One way or another, we have to do better.  We have to do more.  

Read the article.  I do not know what more I can add to it except to say that these people, hated because of who they are, need our prayers.  The evil that they are facing will not end even with the defeat of ISIS–because bombs, though keeping ISIS at bay for now, will not give them new homes, will not give them their broken families back, will not rebuild their communities.  Only God-inspired compassion and action will save them.  God help us, we cannot forget.

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