Diplomacy Not War

Check out this article from Sojourners, where Jim Wallis explains why the recent deal with Iran to end their nuclear weapons program is a good one, and one that Christians of all stripes should support.  Basically, it comes down to this: in an imperfect world, one that is not black and white but full of gray, Christians should do all they can to resist violence.  And a war with Iran, the only viable alternative to diplomacy in this case, would be devastating to millions of innocent people.  Americans in general, and perhaps American Christians in particular, have a habit of thinking in absolutes, but that kind of thinking always leaves out the suffering hidden in the details.  And that’s where Jesus really lives: in the details and suffering of human lives.

Theologically, pursuing options that will prevent further war with more dangerous weapons is the right course of action in a highly imperfect world.

Read the whole article here.

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