Hope Is A Decision

Over at Sojourners, Jim Wallis has been on a roll lately.  His latest piece (at the time of writing this) is on the nature of Hope.  So often, we think of Hope as a feeling or a longing: “I hope you are doing well!” “I hope I’ll get a promotion.”  “I hope there isn’t much traffic on the way home.”  It’s a pleasant thought, but a fleeting one that doesn’t stand much chance in the face of reality.  It’s almost a throw away line, a shrugging of the shoulders.  When we say it, we almost imply the opposite: “I hope but I don’t believe it.”  

But as Wallis points out, Biblical Hope is not nearly so toothless.  It is more than a wish.  It is an action.  It is a choice, a decision, not to ignore the darkness in the world, but to believe in light.  And in that wellspring of hope, the believed in light emerges and breaks forth.

Today Americans are celebrating political freedom.  What is freedom but hope realized?  True hope begins with a choice to believe in a better world, and a better world begins with the energy of the hopeful. 

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