Baptists React to Marriage Equality

Baptist News Global reports on various Baptist reactions to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Marriage Equality. Obviously, Ravensworth stands with AWAB and other Baptists who are fully inclusive of LGBTQ people, and therefore we’re celebrating this turn of events.

I wanted to add that I am personally sympathetic to those CBF churches (and others) who are attempting to stake out a neutral position: I am sympathetic because I also believe in Unity, because I also believe it is possible to disagree over theological issues and still remain committed to the larger goal of sharing God’s Love in the world.

BUT – I fear that the conservatives are at least half-right here. This is an issue that is hard to stay neutral on, because it isn’t an “issue” at all…it’s people. Real people that have been and continue to be marginalized. I’m not saying it’s impossible to stake out a legitimate position of soul freedom and church autonomy, but I’m not sure it’s as simple as some in that camp seem to suggest.

“Let’s agree to disagree” can be a beautiful sentiment and can help those with deep theological disputes set them aside to work to end poverty for example. But there are some matters of Justice that go beyond the theological.

Anyway, I’m not saying any church that is looking for a “third way” is wrong to do so. In many cases, that’s the best next step. And in others, they may be deeply committed to the values of compromise and that is also valuable. But I hope that churches and denominations aren’t simply trying to avoid conflict out of fear. Because fear isn’t a good enough reason to stay on the sidelines when people are getting hurt.

– Ben

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