Freedom From Racism Sunday

The New Baptist Covenant is urging churches to celebrate “Freedom from Racism Sunday” on July 5th as reported here by Baptist News Global. Just to be clear, that’s not some deeply misguided celebration of how we are now all “free from racism.”  In fact, “celebration” is the wrong word.  The idea calls on churches to embrace “prophetic grief”–a time set aside to feel each other’s wounds, to acknowledge one another and the heartbreak racism has caused in our society.  I don’t write the sermons or plan the services (thank God), so I don’t know right now if we are officially participating in this.  Nevertheless, it’s a good idea.  The more we can engage one another, the better we will all be.  It may not stop terrorism like the shooting in Charleston, but at least it tells the terrorized that they are not alone.

– Ben

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