It’s Not About Success. It’s Not Even About Survival.

Like with yesterday’s post, I have some issues with the tone of this one.  It’s a little too snarky, a little too ungenerous for my tastes.  However, it makes a very strong point about church decline, which I’m going to go ahead and spoil for you in nice big letters.

“I mean, come on, we follow a guy publicly executed on a garbage dump. How concerned with “success-as-survival” can we be?

If congregational or denominational survival requires something other than faithfulness, then the message of Jesus’ life (and death) is that it’s not worth it.

Jesus doesn’t call us to succeed; he calls us to die. Consequently, we who would follow him can never have as our primary consideration naming that which will save us from death.”

In other words, if living Christ’s call to love each other as faithfully as we can means the church-as-we-know-it will no longer exist…then so be it.  

Here’s the full piece.

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