People Not Theology

This opinion piece from George Bullard in Baptist News Global describes the author’s experience with generally progressive congregations that are perhaps overly proud of their progressivism–a posture which can be alienating to church members that may secretly harbor more moderate or even conservative positions.  I have some issues with the tone of this piece.  It reads with a little too much glee at discovering that many congregants in such congregations are not really on board with the theology being preached from the pulpit.

However, I post it here not because I think that this describes Ravensworth, but because Mr. Bullard is right that Progressivism by itself, like any doctrine or ideology or theology, is not enough.  Openness and inclusion cannot simply be lip service or just a way of identifying a certain kind of person.  It has to be genuine–a response to Christ’s command that we love one another fully.  And that means, whatever our theology, we have to first care about people and be willing to hear what they have to say.  That’s how family works.

– Ben

Read Mr. Bullard’s piece here.

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