The Bible and Marriage Equality

Most of you are likely familiar with Matthew Vines by now–he has spoken at the church, and his challenging sermon that went viral as well as his founding of The Reformation Project helped to throw fuel on the already burning fire of our passion for full LGBTQ acceptance within the church.

So, even though this covers some old ground, it’s important ground to cover.  This piece he wrote, adapted from his book God and the Gay Christian,  is an excellent summary of the biblical arguments for same-sex marriage within a Christian context.  When seen from a historical perspective, and more importantly from the perspective of scripture as a whole, the biblical arguments against marriage equality crumble.  

It is worth a read and more importantly, it is worth sharing.  The arguments here are rational and based in scripture.  Though there has been a great deal of progress even in the church in recent years, there are many who are stuck, feeling that they must choose between accepting LGBTQ christians and believing in the very foundation of their culture and religion.  That is not an easy choice for anyone to make.  Thankfully, it’s not a choice they have to make, as Matthew Vines points out.  So, share this widely–you never know what lives you may change, and what chains you may break by doing so.

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For further reading, consider pre-ordering Matthew’s book, out in paperback on June 16th.

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