An Introduction to Progressive Christianity

Progressive Christianity is not a denomination, and even as a set of beliefs it’s by intention a pretty big tent.  And while not everyone at Ravensworth might claim the label (and claiming any label too strongly can sometimes get you in trouble), it is right now a useful one to help describe what we are about.  That said, the very openness of the concept can sometimes make it hard to pin down exactly what it means.  I recently stumbled across this video on youtube and found it a to be a nice introduction to what I, at least, believe.  Though it is true that Progressive Christians are certainly more often “liberal,” it’s not fundamentally about politics or even theological doctrine.  Instead, it’s a way of approaching faith that is open to questions and doubt, and a way of applying our understanding of God and our faith in the best way we can to promote Love and Justice in the world as it exists today.  Here’s the video:

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