The Right to Water

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This is an older one from Sightings, but I find it both frustrating and moving.  There is no resource on our planet that is more fundamental to human life–all life–than water.  And yet, we continue to poison it with pollution, or simply make it unavailable and unsuitable for human consumption, all in the name of economic activity.  We are, as the author points out, prioritizing the wealth of a few over even the existence of many.  This should be more clear to us with water than with other resources.  Even here in the United States, where access to fresh water is (mostly) plentiful.  The author cites the events in Detroit last year, but one may well add the more recent priorities given to agribusiness in California during their extended drought.  I’m not saying water shouldn’t be used for business, or that the people who provide water services should not be paid.  But when are we going to start putting people first and business second?  I don’t believe that most people when pinned down on the question, would say that people should not come first–but we as a culture are willfully blind whenever money is involved.

– Ben

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