Listening to the Angels

Do you ever feel like the voice of the Spirit moves from being “still and small” to being more like an air horn at a football game? OK, maybe a slight exaggeration, but honestly! What am I to think when, on the very day we began our Lenten series titled Voices from Our Journeys, the devotional reading from Henri Nouwen included this passage about how hard it is to hear God’s voice in our lives:

This is not so easy in a world where there are so many things going on and so many voices calling for our attention. Can we create some space for God where we can hear….the Spirit of God….? Is there space in our lives where the Spirit of God has a chance of getting our attention?”

Our time last Wednesday with Betsy Clevenger and our neighbor, Rosa, was just such a space. Introduced to us by Carol Weber, they are some of those “angels without wings” that Steve described in his sermon last week. Betsy coordinates the Annandale Food Site, a ministry just a few blocks from our church, which is supported by Food for Others. Every Thursday, 60 to 90 families (families, not individuals) gather for an opportunity to receive fresh, healthy produce and non-perishable food items. Along the way they also receive hugs, concern, and care from Betsy and her cadre of volunteers. Betsy’s mantra: we will treat everyone with dignity. And from Rosa’s point of view, however much or little food is available, the love and dignity are limitless. Is God calling us to join Betsy in supporting working families who live within 2 miles of our church? We will be in contact with her to find out how we can be a part of this ministry, as we continue to discern how we can bring God’s love and justice to our local community.

In the meantime, I hope you will join us again on March 14, 18, and 25, as we continue to create some space where “the Spirit of God has a chance of getting our attention.”  Each session will include time for discussion and questions from all who are present. As we have the unique and holy opportunity to hear these voices, and reflect together, I hope we will keep listening for the Voice of the One we follow.

– Cathy

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