Great Light – An Offering of the Arts

As you may have noticed, for the past few weeks in conjunction with The Bright Stars of Bethlehem, Ravensworth has hosted an exhibit of Palestinian Art.  As a response to this inspiring art, our Directors of Youth and Children, Lisa and Julio Hernandez, are calling on all friends of the church to create art of their own to offer to God.  As Rev. Mitri Raheb put it during the recent Waging Peace conference, the opposite of war – of destruction – is creativity.  By putting something new into the world, we emulate the great ongoing creation of God.  

Here’s Lisa and Julio’s call for creativity:

The children who walk in darkness have seen a great light!

— Isaiah 9:2

How does the journey from darkness to light change throughout time and space?  

We welcome the artwork of Palestinians sharing a piece of their story.  These pieces are visiting our church through Christmas.   The journey of darkness embraced by the power, confidence and hope is what we are reminded of when we celebrate this season. We are reminded of this when we see living stones crying out in the darkness through the art work of our brothers and sisters of Palestine.  We are reminded by our brother, Tarek who walked through shadows of death as a Christian Peacemaker in Palestine.  He walked with the power and love of Christ.  How do we tap into this power?

We are also reminded of the diverse stories of journeys like Mary’s journey to Elizabeth, the the wise men’s journey to Bethlehem , the Hebrew people in the desert, or the Ethiopian on the road reading Isaiah.  Their journey called them.  How are we called to journey to the light?  What does our story look like?  How is our journey woven  together with the stories we have heard? How does the light speak to us? How do we respond?  As we read through the advent booklet and view the paintings from Palestinian artists, let us ponder these questions as a church family. 

We invite you to begin creating pieces of your own as an offering.   An offering of your journey, whether they be a quilt, painting, sketch, photo, poem, illuminated script, sewing ensemble, craft, song, dance, etc during this season.  We will have an “Offering of the Arts” event to discover a bit more of these journeys during our next season of waiting and preparation / Lent.  

May we feel embraced by the Great Light!

–Lisa and Julio Hernandez

Arts that are (or can easily be) digital in nature will be featured on our website and through social media in addition to more tactile exhibitions.  We know there are lots of creative people out there and hope you will participate.  Lent is coming sooner than you think so get inspired!

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