One of these days I might make a stream of consciousness list of RBC Moments In Worship I Will Never Forget. It will not be a short list.

Even if I don’t get around to it for another ten years, I know right now that the list will include the moment in our October 20, 2013 worship when our sister Heather stood behind the communion table and told us what it was like to look at the bread on our communion table through hungry eyes. Moments like that cannot be planned or pre-packaged. You cannot orchestrate tears in worship–Heather’s or ours–and she just stood there and spoke her truth with a quiet force that was powerful.

As Heather shared with us from her heart and her soul with such courage and dignity, we could not escape this Spirit-filled moment calling all of us to pay attention to the hunger in our community. We would not have been given such a moment unless we were being called to respond. Many thanks are due the Missions Commission for putting this on the table for our fall ethics series, but now we must get up and do something. Something has shifted in our midst.

We cannot act as if it hasn’t.

Thank you, Heather, for leading us into a moment of awakening. You, Naomi and Issac, and now Mark, are a gift to our congregation. It is clearer to us now that we cannot merely talk about hunger.

You give them something to eat, Jesus said to his followers then, and now he’s saying it to us.


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