Our Life Together

It’s no small thing for a congregation to get clear about its mission. 25 years from now, the Ravensworth congregation might use different words, but…for now, for us, Sharing Love, Building Community, and Doing Justice is a fitting description of our life together.

The words of the prophet Micah might as well be written in large letters on our lawn, for doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God are words that burn in our congregational soul. Sylvia Campbell spoke last Sunday about the wonderful story of our friends’ ministry in Cuba. I have wondered what we would do if our resources were so limited. I think that we, like our inspiring Cuban friends, would find ways to share the love of Christ, to build a warm, welcoming and inclusive spiritual community, and to work for justice.

It’s not our budget that makes us a church. It’s our hearts full of gratitude and love for God. It’s our minds committed to the Way of Jesus, and our souls ignited by the fire of the Spirit. None of this has a line item in the budget.

Yet–it’s powerful when a congregation’s budget is aligned with its mission. We do have resources, for we are amazingly blessed. As we work together during these following weeks on the best possible way to use these resources for the ministry of Christ, we will walk humbly with God in the company of one another. As we receive information about the 2013-14 budget, let’s remind each other that the most important letter with our name on it comes from God, telling us once again that we are beloved daughters and sons; that we are disciples of Christ Jesus, and that the Holy Spirit is at loose in the world through our lives.


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